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Digital technologies at the heart of modernization for the health sector stakeholders.

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Computerized patient records, telemedecine, mulit-disciplinary organizations, personal medical dossier, secure messaging, but also the implementation of detailed invoicing and the development of efficient medical office systems accompany other important projects involving Sodifrance.

& baselines

Preserving health data in conditions guaranteeing their sustainability and their confidentiality is a major challenge for hospitals. Sodifrance accompanies them in their choice of storage solutions and data handling in line with security baselines.

IS security

The development of information technologies is a major factor in the improvement in healthcare but it comes with risks to the stored information. Sodifrance and its partner Proxima-Conseil accompanies hospitals in the design and implementation of an IS Security Plan (ISSP) adapted to the ISS rules in their environment and to PGSSI-S from 2014.

The Digital hospital

The Digital hospital program covers functions of HIS technical and organizational infrastructures as well as functional areas. Sodifrance and its partner Proxima-Conseil have defined a solution for conforming to the HNUM prerequisites, accompanied by a body of skeleton documents based on the state’s demands.

at the service of the Hospital Information System (HIS)

Identities – movements, viability – availability, confidentiality, are all essential pre-requisites of the Digital hospital program. Highlighted by the publication of PSSI by the French government in July 2014, security has become a priority within the hospital sector. With its expertise in security and its partner Proxima Conseil, Sodifrance accompanies the health and hospital sector stakeholders.

Analysis of conformity with the pre-requisites
P1.1 to P3.5
Conformity with the Digital hospital program’s 12 security indicators
Training advisers Health ISS Establishment
Alignment of the PSSI with eth government’s PSSI
Disaster Recovery Plan services that are complementary or necessary to achieve the target rates

Sodifrance accompanies hospitals in facing up to their concerns regarding transformation and improved performance by deploying an offering based on Information Systems and technical IT infrastructures. This offering combines IT services of proximity with specialized solutions for accelerating the IS transformation. Sodifrance’s numerous references are a speak of the expertise acquired in this domain in consultancy, Transformation to Digital, application services, IS modernization, data management et infrastructure services.

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