The opening up and rationalization of insurers Information Systems in the context of searching for strategies which differentiate

Performance and innovation

The needs of insurance companies are more and more concentrated on their capacity to innovate and differentiate, be that to have a 360° vu of their clients or to be able to offer new services. 

Sodifrance proposes solutions to insurance companies that are relevant to their development. Since 2007, Sodifrance has been one of the major players in the insurance sector’s IT projects, forging important partnerships with the insurers representing more than 30% of its turnover.

Many factors influence evolution within the insurance sector: regulatory evolutions, the increase in competition or even the new uses and habits of the insured. These changes result in a constant search for innovation, rationalization and operational excellence.

Mergers & Alignments

Mergers and alignments between insurance companies have an impact on the Information Systems and create a need for transformation and modernization projects. Thanks to its experience in this domain, Sodifrance accompanies its clients in their strategic changes and guarantees them secure projects carried out in the shortest possible timescales.

Customer loyalty & Marketing

To preserve a competitive advantage, insurers must be constantly innovating to keep pace with their clients’ expectations. The solutions proposed by Sodifrance are perfectly in line with the Digital marketing era and help to capitalize on understanding the client.

Regulations & Standards

Insurers are regularly subject to regulatory evolutions. Sodifrance possesses a deep understanding of the insurance business and proposes solutions to companies to facilitate aligning their IS with the demands of new regulations.

Multi-channel strategy

The change with new uses linked to Digital is often incompatible with data organized in silos. Sodifrance has solutions to facilitate the cohesion of the information between the different channels and improve the level of client satisfaction.

360° client view

Refining the knowledge of the client so as to better understand his/her profile (consumption, risk, etc.) and to respond better to his/her needs (types of offering, etc.) are the great challenges confronting insurers. Sodifrance’s Transformation to Digital offering proposes solutions to insurance companies to optimize and enrich their 360° client view.

Performance v. Cost

Keep control of the IS department budget while continuing to improve IT services quality and performance is the greatest challenge for insurance companies. Sodifrance’s expertise combined with its successful, technological solutions facilitates the implementation of an agile, efficient IS creating added value.

to accompany you on your strategic projects

Sodifrance provides skills in the various insurance domains and in all forms of support.

Personal insurance

Life, Savings & Provident,
Pensions, Health

Property & Casualty Insurance

Damage to property,
Liability insurance


Car, Health,
Services to individuals

Sodifrance accompanies insurers in all functions:
Contracts, Claims, Litigation, Accountancy

Sodifrance combines functional and technological skills:


Respond to the needs of your business
- Client, third-party, contract and product repositories
- Scoping and opportunity studies
- Requirements capture and drafting specifications
- Project management and coordination of teams
- Functional homologation
- Accompaniment for deployment and change


Respond to the needs of your IS
- Information Systems enterprise architecture
- Solutions integration (EAI, BPM, etc.) to organize the main areas of activity
- Modernization of legacy mainframe environments
- Data Management et data repositories
- Virtualization & DMS
- Maintenance and application acceptance platform externalization
- Design and development of Digital solutions
- Business Intelligence

Client testimonies

“Sodifrance’s industrialized approach, based on a software workbench facilitating the automation of the transformation, is the only one which could truly achieve the aims of our project while keeping the budget within reasonable bounds and their representatives have succeeded in proving it to us.”

Jean-Pierre Walbaum, Management & Innovation Director - CNP Assurances

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“We chose Sodifrance because we needed a high level of reactivity in our businesses. The team, of excellent quality, understands perfectly our applications and reacts rapidly. Sodifrance benefits from a mutualized and automated infrastructure. As a result, the cost is competitive.”

Yvan Cochez, Corporate Development Manager - Axa Belgium

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