Mainframe legacy systems
development and modernization

Sodifrance and IBM join forces to the develop and modernize mainframe legacy systems.

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Rational Programming Patterns version 9.1

Sodifrance and IBM Rational announce version 9.1 of Rational Programming Patterns (RPP) which widens and completes the range of possibilities offered by par RPP for the reprise of legacy systems developed using IBM VisualAge Pacbase® as well as other 4GLs (e.g. CA TELON®, CA COOL:Gen® or Software AG Natural®) in a modern collaborative working (RTC) and benefitting from all the advantages of Eclipse (RDz editors, etc.)

This new version will allow you to create new COBOL programs, standardizing the code production, while benefitting from development accelerators and allowing you to factorize your development.

Multi-technology data dictionary

Multi-technology data dictionary

The IBM/Sodifrance solution is based on a mulit-technology data dictionary which facilitates the sharing and structuring of data between the different development streams. Most notably, the micro-patterns simplify the factorizing of writing descriptions and data access.
Development accelerators

Development accelerators

RPP 9.1 includes powerful development accelerators: skeletons for standardizing code production based on site-specific standards, local generators accelerate and factorize the developments chosen by the site (micro-patterns).
Modern development engineering

Modern development engineering

The RPP 9.1 solution from IBM & Sodifrance is integrated into a development environment (IDE) designed to optimize design, creation and evolution activities, while maintaining the initial quality and the maintenance of the mainframe legacy systems.
Specialized refactoring for the 4GLs

Specialized refactoring for the 4GLs

The IBM/Sodifrance solution also allows the activation of powerful code refactoring solutions, improving usage of the initial 4GL’s model and maintaining the structural logic of the program.


It is possible to choose the appropriate solution (RPP program, refactored program) on the basis of reliable information.
Analysis of the legacy system

Analysis of the legacy system

The prior analysis of the legacy system is powerful and helps to optimize the reprise and to make decisions more reliable, associating the capacities of Mia-Insight and an analysis of the suitability of the code to a migration to RPP.

of the IBM Rational / Sodifrance offering

RPP by IBM Rational

The offering allows you to benefit from the RPP solution (securing the legacy, integrated and guaranteed environment, dictionary) and opens up new possibilities in the development of programs and the “intelligent”, progressive transformation from the current environment(s) to a single environment, facilitating the sharing of assets and of the data dictionary.

Powerful legacy system analysis

The offering integrates, as a first step, powerful analysis possibilities for identifying redundant components, breaking the project down into work packages, identifying the difficulties in carrying forward the 4GL code into RPP and thereby identifying the sources to be transformed.

A progressive and secure transformation

The offering provides flexibility in the progressive and secure transformation of the legacy system into a homogenous environment.

Sophisticated refactoring solutions depending on the 4GL

  • Based on the 4GL’s model, not just on the generated code
  • Preserving the logic of the initial generation and the possibilities of evolutionary maintenance
  • Customizable (choice of rules)
  • Optimizing the code factorization taking the macro structures (for Pacbase) and the data dictionary into account
  • Mixing refactoring (restructuring) and factorization (micro-patterns) actions
  • Producing reversible code because the code is at the same level as formatted, native COBOL.

Legacy system analysis

Active components - Migration difficulties – Site specifics – Technical cartography - Dedicated metrics – Possible and advisable choices

Legacy system migration
Rational Pattern Programming - RPP

Development engineering

Skeletons – Micro-patterns – Continuation of
“the eco-system” – Change management

Refactoring programs

It is possible to refactor and to factorize certain programs (COPYbooks, micro-patterns)


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