Sodifrance is the European specialist in Information Systems modernization and transformation.


Sodifrance puts the knowhow gathered over more than 20 years of Information System modernization at your disposal. With its bespoke solutions, Sodifrance will accompany you in your transformation so that you can benefit from a more intelligent IS. You will be able to make your investments durable, better control your costs, but also open yourselves up to Digital technologies.

You wish to turn your Information System into a business advantage. If, like so many enterprises, your IS is built on a legacy IS with a high ownership cost (TCO) and with numerous limitations: technological obsolescence; multiple development streams; lack of openness … Sodifrance offers you a global solution to the whole range of your needs linked to the transformation of your IS:

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

The IS represents a significant budgetary element. With its innovative transformation solutions, Sodifrance can replace the core of your IS with standardized components with much more attractive acquisition and maintenance costs.
Make your IS more agile

Make your IS more agile

To reply to questions of Time to Market, your reactivity and the value of your innovation must not be hindered by your IS. Sodifrance helps you to improve the agility of your IS and put it in the centre of a truly dynamic business.
Make investments durable

Make investments durable

For years you have capitalized on your IS and you cannot allow yourselves to lose all the intelligence that it contains. Sodifrance offers solutions to facilitate the evolution of your IS by increasing its value.
Open the IS up to new uses

Open the IS up to new uses

The development of new uses related to the Digital economy imply greater openness of Information Systems to satisfy clients and partners. Via its modernization offering, Sodifrance helps you to make your legacy IS co-exist with Digital solutions.
Rationalize the development streams

Rationalize the development streams

An efficient organization of development streams contributes to the success of projects and productivity improvements: collaborative working methods; a standardized workstation; process controls; activity tracking.
Simplify and structure the IS

Simplify and structure the IS

Sodifrance accompanies you in the restructuring of your IS with 3 objectives: improve your company’s performance; reduce maintenance costs; open your IS up to new uses.

Sodifrance and IBM have joined forces to propose Rational Programming Patterns version 9.1 dedicated to the development and to the modernization of mainframe systems.

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for information systems

Industrialization and modernization process

Legacy IS

Application systems
COBOL, Oracle Forms, VB, Natstar…

Development engineering
4GL, Dictionary, Quality, SCM, Impact Analysis…

Platform and infrastructure
z/OS - MVS,
GCOS 7&8 – Unix

Industrialized modernization



Automated Solution


Target environment

Application systems

Unified development

Unix – Linux
Open systems


Accompagnement du changement

High added-value software solutions for reducing costs, accelerate transformations and increase quality in the IS.

Eclipse Ready
Eclipse Ready
Quality Analysis
Quality Analysis
Industrialization of developments
Industrialization of developments


Services integrated into Eclipse
Program analysers
Code quality control
Improved legibility


Software quality


Understanding one’s
Realization of impact
studies for evolutions or
as a result of corrections


Automation of
software development

Sodifrance commits to the facilitating the modernization of our clients’ IS:


A comprehensive offering at the service of your transformation
Application system cartography, impact analysis, Downsizing,
data conversion, urbanization, servicization, etc.


Agile solutions with a short return on investment
Modernization allows for significant economies to be made in the
short-term whilst improving the flexibility of the IS.


Industrialized transformation process
Based on automated transformation, Sodifrance’s solutions
bring viability and efficiency.


Dedicated R&D centre
Sodifrance’s R&D centre innovates constantly to enhance the
transformation solutions and increase their levels of automation.


Commitment to results on strategic projects
The Sodifrance process and the experience guarantees the success
of strategic and complex projects, to schedule and budget.

Client testimonies

Fabrice Fontaine, Solution Centre Manager - Pages Jaunes

Testimony of Pages Jaunes

“The agreed timescales were adhered to perfectly by Sodifrance. Thanks to its FAST offering and its automated approach, the migration was carried out progressively and the iso-functional part realized in 6 months despite there being 290 screens and 500,000 lines of code.”

Bernard Rannou, Revenue Management System Manager - Amadeus Hospitality

Testimony of Amadeus Hospitality


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