Change management and IT training

The management and the evolution of skills are a key element in the success of your IT projects, sometimes as a result technological and organizational changes within your enterprise. That is why Sodifrance set up a training institute to accompany you in managing change and enhancing your skillsets.

In line with Sodifrance’s technological expertise, our institute proposes a comprehensive offering of technical training in partnership with the principal manufacturers and solution providers. In this way, our trainees benefit from pragmatic and proven training methods, provided by consultant-trainers who alternate between client missions and training courses.



Licensed Training Centre
SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects

  • Training covering the theoretical and the practical, in real maintenance or project situations
  • Training course building know-how
  • Training supporting projects carried out by Sodifrance
  • Preparation of personalized courses
  • Inter- or intra-enterprise training
  • Management of the infrastructure and the logistics of the training

Sodifrance Institut covers a variety of skillsets.

Sodifrance Institut helps you to manage technological and organizational change in your enterprise,
based on a structured and operational methodology: feasibility, study, planning and accompaniment.

More informations

For its training courses, Sodifrance Institut offers three service types:


In a Sodifrance Institut centre
Sodifrance Institut has 3 training centres with dedicated rooms in the Rennes, Nantes and Paris Sodifrance branch offices.


In a Sodifrance branch office
Sodifrance Institut makes use of the meeting rooms in the 12 Sodifrance branch offices in France for training.


Sodifrance Institut holds courses on the client’s site to avoid the trainees having to leave their place of work.

Sodifrance Institut
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