Transformation to Digital

Sodifrance accompanies its clients and their IT department in their Transformation to Digital

Be digital, Be disruptive

In an uncertain environment where change is the only constant, businesses need to constantly generate value. Sodifrance accelerates its clients’ Transformation to Digital, allowing them to benefit from these emerging needs.

The power of and the massive adherence to social networking, mobility, Big Data and the cloud radically overturn the way that we live, work and interact. Buying 24/7, communicating, selling, filling in a form, giving an opinion, localizing, sharing and understanding are just some of the many actions that today are impacted by Digital technology. These profound evolutions require enterprises and administrations to redefine globally the user experience.

  1. Respond to needs born from the Digital economy
  2. Differentiate, generate value and be agile
  3. Rationalize costs and optimize processes


Sodifrance will help you to benefit fully from the indispensable digital technologies to increase your marketing’s efficiency and develop your sales. Digital by Sodifrance is the opportunity to do what was not possible before.

Sodifrance helps enterprises, IT departments, business teams and Digital management in the design and implementation of innovative solutions in short timescales. Our knowledge of the functional requirements, associated with our technological expertise, contributes to improving performance and profitability within companies.




  • Rapidly propose solutions
  • Be pro-active
  • Make possible what was not possible
  • Connect the Digital solutions to the IS
  • Quickly comprehend
  • Communicate everywhere and at all times
  • Respond to its clients’ expectations
  • Differentiate

Sodifrance, IT Transformation to Digital

Sodifrance will allow you to benefit from all the potential of Digital to boost your growth, offer better service, better understand your markets and facilitate the connection between the physical and Digital worlds.

Agile IT
Facilitating IT
Accelerating IT

Sodifrance is ready to share the know-how of its teams with its clients in 5 Digital areas.

Big Data, Search
& Analytics

Store, search and analyse data, that is the challenge that Sodifrance picks up for you to help you the know your own clients better.

and Multi Devices

Smartphone, connected objects, so many different types of terminal used for searching for information, ordering or buying a product. Sodifrance supports you in the design of new interfaces or applications.


Personal, private, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, secure, the cloud is a true agent for development and productivity to ease access to services and information. Sodifrance accompanies you in the deployment of these new economic models.

and multi-channel content

Digital is radically changing the purchasing process. Thanks to its Digital solutions, Sodifrance helps you move from a partial to a 360° picture of your clients, consolidating all the information and events that are useful in understanding them.

IS integration
and agility

Sodifrance offers you solutions allowing your legacy IS (mainframe, data silos) to cohabit with innovative Digital solutions. Sodifrance mobilises mulit-disciplinary teams to guarantee the success of your Digital strategy.

This blog is a platform for Sodifrance’s Digital experts to express themselves. There, the consultants present feedback on their experience, their points of view and their opinions on their skill areas.


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