Data Management

Sodifrance proposes a solution to ensure the sustainability of the data in the IS


With the growing Digital development, data management is a major challenge in your Transformation to Digital. Sodifrance proposes a methodology to guarantee the control of the data life cycle. With more than 170 operations carried out, Sodifrance combines consultancy with the implementation of automated solutions to secure and accelerate projects.

To know and understand the quality of the data is a major preoccupation for enterprises. The viability and the quality of the data is of concern to everyone: from the end-users to the CIOs who must, nowadays, manage the flow of information produced by the Digital economy (multi-channel, connected objects, etc.).

Reduce ownership costs

Reduce ownership costs

Ownership costs are related to the volume of data but also to a poor management of that data. Sodifrance helps you to reduce your costs and benefit from your data.
Have a clear picture of your clientele

Have a clear picture of your clientele

Have a unique 360° view of a client? It is possible. Sodifrance guides you to a centralization of your data which will facilitate the implementation of your Digital strategy.
Control the data

Control the data

An efficient data management simplifies the decision-making process and increase the agility of the IS. Sodifrance brings you the solutions to control your data.
Simplify sharing and searching

Simplify sharing and searching

The functions of sharing and searching for information and sources of value-creation for your enterprise. Sodifrance will show you how to simplify the access to your precious data.
Maintain the quality of the data

Maintain the quality of the data

Preserving the quality of the data is a central preoccupation. Sodifrance’s solutions will help you to accelerate and coordinate the rehabilitation of your data.
Data archiving

Data archiving

Sodifrance helps you to maintain access to historical, mainframe system data without having to bear the costs of those environments.

for managing and optimising your data

A proven and controlled process for the whole project

Sodifrance’s expertise in the Data Management domain is based on a dedicated software solution and a tried and tested methodology resulting in the industrialization of the process and the control of your project: regardless of the volume, the complexity or the diversity of the source and target technologies.

Source data

DB2, IMS DB, IDS2, etc.
Oracle, IDMS, SQL Server, etc.

Data Management Process


Project control through us of a dedicated gateway

Target data

Repository & MDM
Application specific

More than 170 Data Management projects carried out

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Client testimonies ...

Malakoff Médéric

“We chose Sodifrance for this audit because of their skill in terms of business and technological consultancy. Thanks to its efficient technical analysis tools, Sodifrance guarantees an audit and recommendations that are factual and quick”

Pol Evlard, IS and Projects Manager - Malakoff Médéric

Read the testimony of Malakoff-Médéric

BNP Paribas

“From the first migration, the Sodifrance teams demonstrated their mastery in the transformation of heterogeneous data into a common target format. The fact of carrying out several successive migrations works well and only serves to benefit from this expertise.”

Christian Arnaud, Responsable de domaine - BNP Paribas Lease Group

Testimony of PNB-Paribas


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