Public sector

Transform and optimize administration’s Information Systems within the context of budget reductions.


Faced with a public debt of nearly 2 000 billion Euros, the room for manoeuvre in the public sector is hugely constrained. The state and the public bodies have committed to a profound transformation of their services in order to generate economies while creating added value. Fundamental reforms in which Digital plays a central role.

Sodifrance technological expertise and experience of its public sector clients (ministries, public institutions, administrations, regional and local authorities) allows them to achieve their ambitions of reducing their budgets and improving both their productivity and the quality of service to the end-user.

Each euro invested by the state or by an authority must allow the administration to improve its capacity to transform so as to exercise greater control of its budgets whilst transforming its relationship with its end-users.


If numerous administrations have joined the movement started by, many beaucoup de procedures still require people to travel or to communicate by post, increasing time and handling costs. Sodifrance accompanies public sector stakeholders in choosing their virtualization solutions.


The end-use has more and more channels of communication with the administration (web, telephone, post, etc.). On its side, the administration often has its data organized in silos. Sodifrance proposes to the public sector solutions for converging information received through differing channels.

Big Data & Open Data

The public sector has at its disposal millions of items of information which could be used to simplify the lives of its citizens and improve their services. Sodifrance allows it to collect, structure and diffuse information (Open Data) and to benefit from Big the decision-making process and improve the struggle against fraud and its risk management.

Keeping control on IT costs

Within the context of heavy budgetary restrictions, the public sector has to adapt its costs to its real needs. Open Source technological bricks, developments based on catalogues of services, software and enterprise architecture, infrastructure optimization are some of the many potential solutions where Sodifrance is capable of helping the administrations.

Sharing & adding value to information

Facilitating the analysis of information by monitoring management indicators by using BI Analytics solutions is an essential lever in the governance of activities. Sharing this information and content within dedicated spaces and allowing administrators to better follow and know the news of the administration are all requirements where Sodifrance can help.

Regulatory evolutions

The public sector is regularly subject to regulatory evolutions. Sodifrance possesses a deep understanding of the public sector and proposes solutions or facilitating IS transformation (data, applications) and allows the alignment of their IS with the demands of new regulations.

at the service of the public sector

In response to the challenges faced by the public sector, Sodifrance proposes solutions adapted to the constraints and requirements of the state and the authorities. As capable of establishing a diagnosis thanks to its Consultancy arm Antéo-Consulting, as it is to lead the implementation of an administration’s transformation, Sodifrance accompanies the public sector stakeholders.

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