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Accompany the Transformation to Digital of the sector’s stakeholders


The social security sector is in a state of flux responding to the objectives of modernization, requirements evolution and controlling expenditure. This necessary evolution causes numerous changes which impact the Information Systems. For many years, Sodifrance has built up a solid experience in the social security sector, acting on behalf of the major players in the profession.

From the “Pension Factory” to Digital projects, the pensions and provident sector is faced with multiple concerns:

Sector overhaul

Sodifrance supports important projects such as the administrative simplification procedures, the modernization of social data or the stakeholders’ obligation for information so as to increase the productivity and the sustainability of the social security institutions.

Mergers & Alignments

Started several years ago, alignments and mergers between pensions and provident institutions result in significant projects. Sodifrance guarantees the success of these transformations on human, organizational and technological grounds.


Integrating new regulatory constraints is crucial for the social security stakeholders. Sodifrance, as an expert in the sector, proposes solutions for integrating new regulatory demands while maintaining control of the impacts on the IS.

Service development

Faced with competition, the social security stakeholders have to develop their clientele through new commercial offerings and improve their relationship with the clients through new channels. Sodifrance proposes a range of technological solutions to improve IS agility and open it up to new uses.

Multi-channel strategy

Opening up to competition and behavioural changes necessitate the implementation of multi-channel strategies aimed at client loyalty. Sodifrance propose innovative Digital solutions for communicating with clients via the new Digital devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) while capitalizing on the legacy IS.

360° client view

Refining the knowledge of the client so as to better understand his/her profile (consumption, risk, etc.) and to offer a higher quality service to the end-users constitute the main social security challenges. Sodifrance’s Transformation to Digital offering proposes solutions to optimize and develop their 360° client view.

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Transverse Services
Declaration by name
Managing rights and careers
Manging members’ accounts
Manging beneficiaries
Integrating bricks


Mandatory Social Security (RO)
Complementary Social Security (RC)
Third-pary payment



Our social security sector clients speak of our know-how

“We chose Mia-Insight because of its extremely detailed analysis of IS components and its very wide range of languages. Our legacy applications are rich and divers: COBOL, CSH, Javascript and HTML. No other software provider proposed both the coverage of all these languages and mastery of their interactions.”

Gilles Marty, Managing Director – CIMUT

Testimony of CIMUT

« Choosing Sodifrance was motivated both by the notion of proximity, guaranteeing reactivity, and the quality of the offering. This project requires expert human and technical resources and we could not depend solely on our internal resources and skills. »

René Le Moigne, CIO – MNAM

Testimony of la MNAM


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