Combining improvements in processes, regulatory implementations and the conquest of new clients


The banking sector must ensure its conformity with the regulatory instructions and increase the levels of performance of the services it offers to its clients. Sodifrance proposes dedicated solutions which are based on its technological and functional expertise. Each year, almost 25% of its turnover is achieved in the banking sector.

Sodifrance accompanies financial institutions in their day-to-day problem-solving: optimizing and adapting Back Office and Front Office systems to improve sales performance, design the new solutions which will equip the banking agencies of tomorrow, respond to the expanding demands in terms of transparency and risk management.

Multi-channel strategy

Acquire the means of interacting with the clients and adapting the services to their new behaviour (mobility, social networks, etc.). Sodifrance proposes appropriate Digital solutions for allowing banks to handle the coherence of its information between the different channels (smartphone, branch, call centre, etc.).

International regulation

The banking sector is subjected to constant evolution in international regulations. Sodifrance proposes solution to the banks which facilitate taking into account the new regulations whilst limiting the impact on the legacy IS.

Sales performance

Improving sales performance requires a perfect understanding of one’s clients and the capacity to adapt rapidly to emerging needs. Sodifrance’s experience in the banking sector allows it to propose innovative, agile and appropriate solutions to the specifics banking business.

360° client view

Refining the knowledge of the client (needs, habits, factors of satisfaction, etc.) so as to respond better to his/her expectations is the great challenge confronting banks. Sodifrance’s Transformation to Digital offering proposes solutions for optimizing and developing a 360° client view.

Market evolution

Banking Information Systems are impacted by the increase in SEPA data flows and the development of new payment methods (contact-free, on-line, mobile payments, etc.). The banking sector has to adapt and guarantee the security of its end-users’ transactions and data. Sodifrance designs secure solutions to underpin the Transformation to Digital.

Reducing costs

The majority of stakeholders in the banking sector possess a legacy IS with high maintenance costs. Sodifrance designs solutions suitable for handling the increase in transactions flows while keeping within the budgetary constraints of the financial institutions.

serving the evolution of your business

Means of Payment – electronic money - SEPA data flows – Countering money-laundering – Multi-channel - Custody of securities – Controlling risks on loans, the market and operations - Regulatory reforms – Accountancy reforms – Third-party, client and counterpats repositories

From Project Owner Assistance (POA) through the technological evolution of your IS

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Our banking sector speak of our know-how

“From the first migration, the Sodifrance teams demonstrated their mastery in the transformation of heterogeneous data into a common target format. The fact of carrying out several successive migrations works well and only serves to benefit from this expertise.”

Christian Arnaud, Department manager - BNP Paribas Lease Group

Testimony of PNB-Paribas

“Sodifrance’s experts and their offering have provided us with a truly industrialized answer to the code migration part, the deployment process was then industrialized to enable us to migrate 6 regional entities in 1 year.”

Jacques Jouvard, Assistant Managing Director - Crédit Agricole Atlantica

Read the testimony of Crédit Agricole


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