IS security

Sodifrance offers you its expertise in securing your infrastructures and your data

Expertise and consultancy in cyber-security

New uses, new interactions with clients, cloud services and mobility in the workplace are all factors which underline the need to adapt at increase IS security. Sodifrance offers its skills in cyber-security and accompanies you in your Transformation to Digital.

Information System Security (ISS) with the increase in cyber-attacks and data theft cost enterprises and the public sector millions each year. Recent news events demonstrate that no one is immune. In this context, protecting resources and implementing security measures adapted to the business challenges is vital. Sodifrance’s experts advise you and guide you in the definition of the right strategy and in implementing the most appropriate solutions to ensure the protection of your data and sensitive resources.

Audit the IT infrastructure

Sodifrance’s experts carry out emergency audits, infrastructure security audits, intrusion tests and organizational audits. Our approach is rooted in the real world, infused with the feedback from operational experiences.

Secure Transformation to Digital projects

Sodifrance accompanies you in the definition of your Transformation to Digital strategy. Taking into account security from the very beginning of projects integrating new uses also means accompanying you in the definition of your network and software architecture and in the choice of the right technological bricks.

Ensuring continuity of service

IT is at the heart of your business and no interruptions are acceptable. Sodifrance integrates solutions appropriate for recovery and continuity of service and accompanies you in the formulation of your continuity and recovery plans (Service Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery Plan).

Bespoke security expertise

In need of occasional expertise or a longer term participation? Sodifrance proposes different modes of intervention which are flexible and innovative. Our consultants participate in projects, but also in the long-term to fulfil a part-time IS Secutity Manager role.

Integrating security solutions

Sodifrance provides the integration of security solutions, leaning on a tried and tested methodology and on the best solutions on the market. Sodifrance also has available a Security Operation Centre (SOC) for supervising your infrastructures and responding to incidents.

Intrusion testing

Evaluate your IS’s resistance to cyber-attack

Our experts accompany you in the implementation of external and internal intrusion tests to audit the security level of your IS. These customized intrusion tests identify the fault lines in the applications and allow for a bespoke action plan to be drawn up to eliminate the weaknesses, increase partner confidence and satisfy the legal IT security demands.

“Our approach is pragmatic and operational. It provides rapid responses whilst mobilizing the budgets on the operational priorities.”

Hervé Troalic
ISS Department Manager

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20 experts
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